1972 Camaro “Jason”

As a result of the 174 day strike at the Norwood Ohio plant in April 1972, only 2,575 Z28s were produced resulting in the second lowest production of Z28s ever. 1967 was the only production year with less Z28s at 607. This vehicle features an all original, numbers matching drive train. Additional features include power steering, power disc brakes, factory 8000 RPM tachometer and gauges, center console, D80 spoiler package, factory Rally wheels, rare Midnight Bronze exterior color, white stripes and black vinyl upholstery

2012 Mecum

We went to the auction looking for a 2nd generation Camaro. There were 3 or 4 that we considered, but this one was in the best condition and it turns out 1972 Z28’s are rare due to a union strike that year.

2014 Graduation Pictures

When we bought the car the intention was for Ben to drive it. He didn’t drive it much, but he did use it as a background for some of his high school graduation pictures.

2014 January Cam Swap

Since we bought the car the idle was too high and it would run very rough at low rpms. Turns out it had a very aggressive cam shaft. We ended up swapping back to a stock one and it was much easier to start and drive.

2014 June Engine Swap

Just a few months later after the cam swap, the engine developed a ticking sound. Turns out a couple of the bearings were bad and it needed to be rebuilt. The block could be reused, but the heads were cracked. Since this was the original numbers matching motor, I didn’t want to do a hasty rebuild. I went with a crate engine and I still have the original engine to rebuild and put back in the car. Probably a retirement project.

Original numbers matching engine. Currently waiting to rebuilt

2015 Halloween

I do have to admit, I enjoy decorating for Halloween. Maybe a bit too much.

2020 Hagerty Tour

Auction History

2012 Mecum Houston

2011 Russo & Steele Scottsdale

I could not find the pictures or the online listing, but a summary of the auction results,

2009 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale

2008 Silver Auctions